Turkish authorities threaten to deport Yemeni refugees

2nd August 2018

According to the reliable sources of Yemeni refugees in Turkey, the Turkish authorities began deporting Yemeni refugees attempting to illegally move to Europe via Turkish territory. The sources added that the Turkish authorities threatened Yemeni refugees to be deported to Syrian territory under the control of the Syrian regime forces.

A large number of Yemenis moved to Turkey after the Houthi rebels took control of Yemen’s capital Sanaa. A large number of Yemeni refugees registered with the UNHCR are waiting to complete the transition to a third country. However, because of the weakness of the United Nations Immigration Administration in Turkey (UNHCR), many Yemenis are trying to move towards European countries across the Turkish border illegally.

Therefore, the Turkish authorities have arrested many refugees and asylum seekers at the borders and threaten to deport them to Syrian territory, although they are Yemeni and not Syrian. Other sources told the Global Peace without Borders organisation that the Turkish authorities had deported Iraqi refugees, Iranians, Ahwazi and Afghans to their country after failing to move to Europe via Turkish territory. Many of these refugees have been accustomed to political, human rights and cultural activities and may be harassed by their authorities after being deported from Turkey.

The Global Peace without Borders organisation condemned Turkey’s treatment of Yemeni refugees in particular, and other refugees, in general, and urges the Turkish authorities not to deport Yemeni refugees to Syria and Yemen without their will because this violates human rights.

The Global Peace without Borders Organisation wants to add that asylum seekers are trying to find a way to protect their lives from war and conflict, so the authorities should not punish asylum seekers for the way they use to illegally move to other countries because they violate international law and human rights if they arrest asylum seekers. The Global Peace without Borders Organisation also urges the UNHCR in Turkey to pay more attention to the situation of Yemeni refugees in Turkey, where the vast majority of refugees do not have access to employment and therefore face unemployment and poverty. This situation, therefore, causes the vast majority of asylum seekers to find ways to move to Europe to get rid of poverty, unemployment and the unknown future.

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