The ambassador of ‘Global Peace Without Borders’
threatened with assassination

31st March 2020

Iranian authorities threaten to assassinate the Ambassador of ‘Global Peace Without Borders Organisation’ and Ahwazi human rights researcher Kamil Alboshoka on March 30, 2020. The Iranian security services announced on Twitter that Kamil Alboshoka and many others are spreading awareness in Al-Ahwaz. The Iranian authorities should kill them as were killed in 1979 many Ahwazi Arabs.

It should be noted that Kamil Alboshoka is a British citizen, who is active in the field of media and human rights, and an ambassador to the Global Peace Without Borders Organisation. However, it appears that the Iranian security services want to exploit the world’s concern in fighting coronavirus to carry out assassinations against activists.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation announces that the recent Iranian statements about killing hundreds of Arabs in Ahwaz at the beginning of the Iranian revolution caused intense activity for Ahwazi abroad, which disturbed the Iranian security services, so they threatened the ambassador of Global Peace Without Borders Organisation with the aim of suppressing any voices. Global Peace Without Borders Organisation affirms that Kamil Alboshoka, through his activities, is trying to draw the attention of the international community to the issue of Al-Ahwaz and other issues that suffer from Iranian policies of repression and criminality.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation urges the international community to hold Iran accountable for the crime committed in 1979, in which hundreds of innocent Ahwazi were killed. The organisation also urges the Twitter administration to stop the groups and individuals affiliated with the Iranian regime from threatening activists through Twitter. It also calls on the British government to protect its citizens from the Iranian threat because Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides people with freedom of expression and opinion regarding political, religious and any other issues.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation calls on journalists around the world and researchers and those interested in human rights issues to condemn the Iranian authorities for threatening to commit another crime against any activists in Al-Ahwaz as well as threatening to assassinate Ahwazi activist who lives in Britain. It is worth noting that the Iranian character who threatened Kamil Alboshoka is an official figure who works for the Iranian newspaper Al-Sharq, affiliated with the reformists, the Rouhani side, and works in the Keshvar (Dolat or government) media centre of the Iranian state.

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