Global Peace Without Borders Organisations awards the President of South Sudan the Peace Prize

Manchester – Media Office

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation has decided to award the Peace Prize for the year 2020 to the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, for his efforts to achieve peace after his decisive initiative to resolve the internal conflict in South Sudan. President Salva Kiir led the peace talks with the opposition in order to bring peace, security, development and democracy to his country. The President, through close cooperation with all the tribes in the country, developed the principles of the peace agreement and ended the era of conflict in the country.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation praises all the parties and current tribals in South Sudan that helped bring peace to this beautiful country, and the organization hopes that peace will help bring positive change for all residents of South Sudan.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation commended the important government reforms that have given citizens hope for a better life and a brighter future by finding solutions to the main problems, and especially empowering women in political and societal life in South Sudan. Also noted is the pivotal role that President Salva Kiir played in the peace and reconciliation processes with the countries of the region, as the State of South Sudan contributed to strengthening relations with many countries of the world, especially African countries, and more importantly with their neighbours. These include efforts by President Salva Kiir to end the clash and conflict between the Sudanese government and opposition groups.

The State of South Sudan is a country of many languages, peoples and tribes, and the president’s efforts to promote reconciliation, solidarity and social justice play a crucial role in stability. Hence, Global Peace Without Borders believes that Salva Kiir’s efforts deserve the world’s appreciation and encouragement for what he has offered to the people.

They hope that the Peace Prize will strengthen President Salva Kiir in his campaign for peace and reconciliation and that South Sudan enjoys peace, stability and lasting success.

Dr. Mohammad al-Arab, President of the Global Peace Without Borders Organisation, said that the organisation studied several cases for countries in the Middle East and Africa in the context of the Peace Prize, which it awards annually to countries, presidents and notable public figures who lead peace talks or have contributions to the making of peace.

The award committee unanimously agreed that the President of South Sudan is a man of peace in 2020, due to the unremitting efforts to support stability in the country. It is worth noting that they awarded the Peace Prize for the year 2019 to the President of the State of Djibouti, due to his contribution to the peace-making process and the tireless efforts to provide relief to the Yemeni people who live in the territory of Djibouti after their displacement by the coup militias, as well as the exceptional efforts of the President of Djibouti to consolidate peace in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia is in addition to his humanitarian activities monitored by the organisation.

Global Peace Without Borders Organisation is based in Manchester, Britain, and is active in 36 countries, and aims to consolidate global peace efforts, warn against the exacerbation of the phenomenon of terrorism, violence and human trafficking, and combat wars that launch on the basis of religious, ethnic and political conflicts.

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