Ayda Al-Absi – Peace Ambassador – Passed away

Peace Without Borders International mourns its ambassador to peace, Ayeda Al-Absi, who died after surgery and medical error, and the lack of medicines prevented by the militias of Houthi for those who need it!

Our Organization mourns with grief, pain and sadness the righteous daughter of her motherland Yemen, Ms. Ayeda Al-Absi, who was trying with all her efforts and sacrifices to reach those who need help to ease the burden of war on them.

We entrust our ambassador to peace, to whom he reclaims his trust, hoping that she finds in his mercy there a vast and unquestionable mercy, and a forgiveness does not diminish.

We promise you that we are after you, stay at our commitment to work for peace with all our strength and determination.

Goodbye our migratory pigeon to the Lord of Mercy.

Peace Without Borders


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